Singapore Corporate Entities

Source:Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

This dataset includes 1.5 million corporate entities registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Singapore. Each entity is registered with unique entity number (UEN), entity name, entity time, UEN issue date, location, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Start Date Status
CREDVEST MARKETING MANAGEMENT COMPANY PTE. LTD. Boon Lay Drive, Singapore 649925 2018-07-18 Registered
PEACEKEEPER MARKETING PTE. LTD. Bishan Street 24, Singapore 570279 2018-07-14 Registered
TWO PAWS MARKETING Queen's Road, Singapore 260001 2018-07-11 Registered
M-RICH 1 FOOD MARKETING Sin Ming Lane, Singapore 573970 2018-07-09 Registered
BESPOKE MARKETING GLOBAL PTE. LTD. Circular Road, Singapore 049422 2018-07-06 Registered
ALOFT MARKETING INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD. Sin Ming Lane, Singapore 573969 2018-07-02 Registered
AXIAL MARKETING PTE. LTD. North Canal Road, Singapore 059294 2018-06-28 Registered
REISKA MARKETING Geylang East Avenue 3, Singapore 389731 2018-06-26 Registered
SPIN CAPITAL PR MARKETING ANALYTICS Tomlinson Road, Singapore 247856 2018-06-26 Registered
STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE. LTD. Ubi Crescent, Singapore 408564 2018-06-21 Registered
VELX MARKETING PTE. LTD. Ean Kiam Place, Singapore 429115 2018-06-20 Registered
HUA SHENG ASIA MARKETING PTE. LTD. Sunshine Terrace, Singapore 535696 2018-06-20 Registered
DEREN MARKETING PTE. LTD. Richards Avenue, Singapore 546441 2018-06-19 Registered
FRED'S MARKETING & BUSINESS CONSULTING PTE. LTD. Stanley Street, Singapore 068737 2018-06-18 Registered
E CHAIN MARKETING PTE. Woodlands Close, Singapore 737855 2018-06-14 Registered
DIGITAL MARKETING FOUNDATION LTD. Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038989 2018-06-12 Registered
SJ EVENT AND MARKETING MANAGEMENT Jalan Naung, Singapore 537682 2018-06-11 Registered
ADDENDERS DIGITAL MARKETING PTE. LTD. Tras Street, Singapore 079027 2018-06-08 Registered
KOEM COMMERCIAL MARKETING Rivervale Crescent, Singapore 541178 2018-06-06 Registered
QONECT MARKETING SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059819 2018-06-04 Registered
X WORLD MARKETING PTE. LTD. Upper Cross Street, Singapore 051531 2018-06-04 Registered
BLAU MARKETING Mount Vernon Road, Singapore 368061 2018-06-01 Registered
BALI ROYAL MARKETING & CONSULTING Somerset Road, Singapore 238164 2018-05-30 Registered
YU PAN FOOD MARKETING PTE. LTD. Sin Ming Lane, Singapore 573970 2018-05-28 Registered
SEAN LEA MARKETING Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2, Singapore 567781 2018-05-27 Registered
GENESIS LOGISTICS, MARKETING AND TECHNOLOGIES PTE. LTD. Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089109 2018-05-25 Registered
MILLENIALS MARKETING SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Chai Chee Lane, Singapore 469026 2018-05-24 Registered
MILLIONZ-REACH MARKETING SOLUTIONS Woodlands Close, Singapore 737854 2018-05-24 Registered
10X DIGITAL MARKETING PTE. LTD. Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 409051 2018-05-23 Registered
SH LIFESTYLE MARKETING Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 600134 2018-05-23 Registered
JAC MARKETING & CONSULTANCY PTE. LTD. Anson Road, Singapore 079903 2018-05-21 Registered
LOTUS DIGITAL MARKETING Cairnhill Circle, Singapore 229816 2018-05-20 Registered
APEXX MARKETING PTE. LTD. Jalan Rajah, Singapore 329134 2018-05-19 Registered
MK MARKETING & CONSULTING PTE. LTD. Woodleigh Close, Singapore 357905 2018-05-17 Registered
FREEWERKZ MARKETING PTE. LTD. Arumugam Road, Singapore 409961 2018-05-16 Registered
PAX MARKETING AGENCY Lorong 34 Geylang, Singapore 398240 2018-05-15 Registered
AMPERSAND MARKETING SERVICES Orchard Road, Singapore 238838 2018-05-15 Registered
ARIA MARKETING GROUP North Buona Vista Drive, Singapore 138589 2018-05-14 Registered
INNATE MARKETING & TRADING Boon Lay Drive, Singapore 642197 2018-05-14 Registered
CREATIVE MARKETING AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES PTE. LTD. Hillview Avenue, Singapore 669556 2018-05-14 Registered
ATHENA MEDIA & MARKETING PTE. LTD. Punggol Drive, Singapore 821665 2018-05-10 Registered
VEDANTA MARKETING PTE. LTD. Keppel Bay Drive, Singapore 098644 2018-05-09 Registered
SEVENTY SEVEN MARKETING PTE. LTD. Upper Cross Street, Singapore 051531 2018-05-09 Registered
OCEAN MARKETING (2018) PTE. LTD. Tampines Street 34, Singapore 520372 2018-05-04 Registered
PROSPER MARKETING AND SERVICES Sin Ming Lane, Singapore 573969 2018-04-28 Registered
360 MARKETING SERVICES PTE. LTD. Battery Road, Singapore 049908 2018-04-27 Registered
ISAY MARKETING PTE. LTD. Bedok North Avenue 3, Singapore 460402 2018-04-26 Registered
ATLAS MARKETING SERVICES PTE. LTD. Goldhill Plaza, Singapore 308899 2018-04-24 Registered
DARKDUCK MARKETING Primrose Avenue, Singapore 467253 2018-04-23 Registered
GREAT HEALTH SG MARKETING Telok Blangah Crescent, Singapore 090014 2018-04-21 Registered
LOUIS EXCHANGE & MARKETING PTE. LTD. Ubi Avenue 4, Singapore 408830 2018-04-21 Registered
ALPO COSMO MARKETING HOUSE LLP Serangoon Avenue 3, Singapore 550235 2018-04-20 Registered
DIGITAL MARKETING PERCEPTION Anchorvale Road, Singapore 542327 2018-04-19 Registered
TREE OF LIFE MARKETING (PRIVATE LIMITED) Toh Crescent, Singapore 507960 2018-04-18 Registered
BARE HANDS MARKETING PTE. LTD. Anson Road, Singapore 079903 2018-04-17 Registered
GOLDEN FISH MARKETING Fajar Road, Singapore 670454 2018-04-16 Registered
EELIKES MARKETING PTE. LTD. Kaki Bukit Avenue 4, Singapore 415875 2018-04-13 Registered
NUCLEAR MARKETING SG Telok Blangah Heights, Singapore 100056 2018-04-13 Registered
ASYURA MARKETING PTE. LTD. Jalan Tepong, Singapore 619336 2018-04-12 Registered
ALLURE MAVEN MARKETING Tampines Street 23, Singapore 520215 2018-04-12 Registered
SUNRISE GREENS MARKETING PTE. LTD. Admiralty Drive, Singapore 752467 2018-04-11 Registered
VICARIOUS MARKETING PTE. LTD. Upper Cross Street, Singapore 050531 2018-04-11 Registered
H&T MARKETING & TRADING Jalan Bukit Ho Swee, Singapore 161008 2018-04-11 Registered
CITY HARDWARE MARKETING Woodlands Close, Singapore 737856 2018-04-10 Registered
NATION BEAUTY MARKETING PTE. LTD. Hougang Avenue 8, Singapore 530446 2018-04-09 Registered
VERO MARKETING SERVICES PTE. LTD. Waterloo Street, Singapore 180261 2018-04-06 Registered
TOTAL MARKETING SOLUTION PTE. LTD. Battery Road, Singapore 049909 2018-04-03 Registered
INSURING MARKETING PTE. LTD. Anson Road, Singapore 079903 2018-04-03 Registered
INNOSENSE MARKETING PTE. LTD. Anson Road, Singapore 079903 2018-04-03 Registered
SL ASIA MARKETING PTE. LTD. Kallang Way 2a, Singapore 347495 2018-04-02 Registered
MAXIZMARKETING Choa Chu Kang Avenue 5, Singapore 682487 2018-03-29 Registered
NTSIMBINTLE MARKETING AND TRADING PTE. LTD. Beach Road, Singapore 189767 2018-03-28 Registered
ECO-SHOP MARKETING SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. Chulia Street, Singapore 049513 2018-03-28 Registered
CHEN JIE MARKETING PTE. LTD. Woodlands Avenue 10, Singapore 737743 2018-03-28 Registered
MAX PROFIT MARKETING PTE. LTD. Beach Road, Singapore 189721 2018-03-28 Registered
SCISSORSART MARKETING PTE. LTD. Senang Crescent, Singapore 416581 2018-03-27 Registered
PULEM PR MARKETING (SG) PTE. LTD. Kitchener Road, Singapore 208514 2018-03-27 Registered
PRIMO MARKETING SG PTE. LTD. Raffles Quay, Singapore 048581 2018-03-27 Registered
SMCONNEX MARKETING SOLUTIONS Sin Ming Lane, Singapore 573969 2018-03-24 Registered
RSVP MARKETING LLP Flora Drive, Singapore 506887 2018-03-23 Registered
OTORIAN ENGINEERING AND MARKETING PTE. LTD. Sin Ming Lane, Singapore 573960 2018-03-22 Registered
THF MARKETING PTE. LTD. Jalan Besut, Singapore 619566 2018-03-22 Registered
CONCEPTUAL MEDIA AND MARKETING PTE. LTD. North Bridge Road, Singapore 179098 2018-03-21 Registered
IRESOURCE MARKETING PTE. LTD. Anson Road, Singapore 079903 2018-03-20 Registered
MILLION TECHNOLOGY & MARKETING Serangoon North Avenue 4, Singapore 550524 2018-03-15 Registered
HITCH MARKETING Teban Gardens Road, Singapore 600022 2018-03-14 Registered
ORPIC POLYMER MARKETING LLC SINGAPORE BRANCH Fullerton Road, Singapore 049213 2018-03-14 Registered
CARGO INTERNATIONAL MARKETING PTE. LTD. Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 159835 2018-03-14 Registered
AXPRO MARKETING PTE. LTD. Yishun Industrial Street 1, Singapore 768089 2018-03-13 Registered
ICE CUBE MARKETING PTE. LTD. Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 159836 2018-03-13 Registered
REGIONAL AUTO MARKETING Rivervale Drive, Singapore 540144 2018-03-11 Registered
JE MARKETING CONSULTANCY PTE. LTD. Geylang Bahru, Singapore 339692 2018-03-07 Registered
PISCES SEAFOOD MARKETING PTE. LTD. Toh Guan Road East, Singapore 608608 2018-03-06 Registered
VG LNG MARKETING PTE. LTD. Raffles Place, Singapore 048623 2018-03-06 Registered
SIMARJOT TRADING AND MARKETING SERVICES PTE. LTD. Anson Road, Singapore 079903 2018-03-06 Registered
NEXTDECADE LNG MARKETING (PRIVATE) LTD. Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018989 2018-03-05 Registered
EVERLY MARKETING SOLUTIONS PTE. LTD. Scotts Road, Singapore 228208 2018-03-05 Registered
HLJ TRADING & MARKETING PTE. LTD. Hougang Avenue 5, Singapore 530302 2018-03-02 Registered
HCH TRADING & MARKETING PTE. LTD. Woodlands Crescent, Singapore 731782 2018-03-02 Registered
LONGEST POWER MARKETING PTE. LTD. Geylang Road, Singapore 389670 2018-03-01 Registered